Production stages

First step

The first stage of the process depends on you. It is you who must make a decision and contact us. How to do it? Write to us, leave your number, call us – we will call you back. It would be good if you provide an initial description of your expectations concerning the film to be produced together. Already at this stage, we provide support and a personal assistant who will coordinate all our joint activities and guide you through the next stages of production. Cool, right?

Film reklamowy - kontakt
Kreacja filmu reklamowego

Creation of an advertising film

A good idea is the basis of every successful film! Therefore, we will need a good scenario before we can start field work. Our team, led by a scriptwriter, will create an idea for your film. Ultimately, you will receive a ready script and storyboard, i.e. a series of illustrations and images as guidelines for the entire filming crew: cameramen, actors, scriptwriters, etc.

Preproduction of an advertising film

This stage is often overlooked by film crews, which is unfortunate. But not with us! We know how important organisation is before starting to shoot – choosing the right location, finding the right actors, making or finding the right scenery, or preparing the right documentation – to avoid potential mistakes during the next stages.

Preprodukcja filmu reklamowego

Production of an advertising film

Is everything buttoned up? Great! It’s time to start the practical part. The director, together with the cameraman and the rest of the crew, will turn a shared vision into an effective advertising film about your brand. Shooting will be performed under your supervision or independently; we will choose the background music and, if necessary, the most important thing is that you decide and have a real influence on the production.

Postproduction of an advertising film

This is where the work on the “editing table” begins. Our editor converts the “raw” material obtained during the shooting into a film that you will show to the world. This stage includes editing, colour correction, and sound. After performing all these necessary procedures, the first version of the film will be delivered to you. This version will be refined with corrections and your suggestions until final acceptance and satisfaction can be achieved.

Postprodukcja filmu reklamowego
Produkcja filmu reklamowego


We have a finished advertising film which we deliver to you as pre-arranged. We will surely get back to you to ask you how the film we produced together serves you and whether your customers like it. We would also like to hear your comments on our cooperation so that we can work together even better in the future. So, let’s go!

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