Studio rental

Studio rental

Sky Video owns a film and photographic studio located in Jaworze, at the city limits of Bielsko-Biała. There is a large car park, and the location of the studio next to the main road provides easy access.
The studio consists of a 55 m2 main room and a 37 m2 entresol with three cardboard backgrounds and a shadowless light tent (140 cm x 140 cm). There are also: kitchen, bathroom, professional visage station, clothes stand, iMac computer, Wi-Fi, 2 tables, 8 chairs, sofa and coffee table. The studio has a height of 2.80 m to 3.50 m. The maximum distance from the background is 7 m. There are windows on one of the walls; the windows can be covered with roller blinds, if necessary.

Professional film and photography studios are an essential part of many film productions — but not everyone can afford to own them. For this reason, it is a great solution to rent this space for a certain period of time to be able to create your own advertising film or photo session.

Our film and photography studio occupies a large space where every director or photographer can implement their artistic vision. It is also an ideal place for product photography because the studio is equipped with a shadowless light tent. The studio is based in a convenient location in Jaworze at Bielska 118 St.

In addition, you can have professional facilities at your disposal to be able to continue your work efficiently, even for many hours. For an extra charge, we are able to provide you with a camera that shoots 4K films, a number of lenses, and other necessary accessories. We also offer advice and assistance in arranging the studio.


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